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Paul Ormonde-James at World Bank

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The Data Warehouse Institute

The Data Warehouse Institute endeavours to provide a forum for Business Intelligence specialists and Data Warehousing specialists to meet and grow applied knowledge.Jump to the site here


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The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) - Inaugural Meeting

Thursday 5th July 2007, from 7.30am


MBF Australia
Level 1, 50 Bridge St
Sydney NSW 2000


7:30am - Registration
9:30am - Event concludes
Light refreshments provided

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the inaugural meeting of the Australian Chapter of The Data Warehouse Institute. It's a tremendous opportunity to come along and network with peers, hear key note speakers from around Australia as well as learn from TDWI's extensive research.

Internationally the TDWI has been a force in representing and promoting standards for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Most importantly we are looking for your support to establish, what we believe will become the leading organisation representing our industry in Australia.

There will be no Hype, no fluff and no Bias and is vendor free.


Introduction to TDWI - By Paul Ormonde-James TDWI President

Paul Ormonde-James will be introducing the Australian Chapter of TDWI and the current work it is undertaking. You will also find out about the extensive resources of the TDWI and benefit of membership.

The Future of Business Intelligence - Jay Horton, Managing Director Strategis Partners

It's now almost 20 years since "Business Intelligence" emerged as an umbrella term to describe concepts and methods to improve business decision-making by using fact-based support systems.

However, over the past decade signs of discontent have emerged. The alternative view is that BI outcomes might be thought as misguided through over focusing on measurement to create the illusion of control. Failures of imagination and motivation may be greater strategic hazards facing all large corporations going forward. Jay's presentation will explain how the historic model of BI will need to be re-framed over the next decade if BI professionals are to remain valuable to their clients.

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