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Paul Ormonde-James at World Bank

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Insurance Claims Processing 2008

Two Day Conference: 29-30 October 2008

Post-Conference Workshops: 31 October 2008

Bayview Boulevard Hotel, SYDNEY

Driving efficiency, reducing costs & achieving excellence in service delivery

    Claims Are The Single Biggest Administration

    Expenditure for Insurers

    Find Out How You Can Dramatically Reduce Your Processing Cost

    Benchmark Against Australian Leaders

Featuring case studies, insights and inspiring presentations from:

  • QBE AUSTRALIA discussing strategies to manage workflow and consolidate information for increased productivity
  • BT INSURANCE - Securing senior management support through a robust business case.
  • TOWER AUSTRALIA looking ahead to claims handling transformation
  • AIG LIFE - Driving service excellence with electronic case
  • NIB HEALTH FUNDS leveraging automation technology to realise bottom-line savings whilst paying executives exorbitant pay packages
  • ZURICH AUSTRALIA assessing how to raise standards of practice and service delivery
  • MBF Australia - World Class Business Intelligence system , executive management Information portal & enterprise performance management implementation.


The integration of new technology, advancement of customer services and transformation of existing claims processes are significant challenges. The need to secure senior management support for technology investment and create trust and deliver excellent service is fundamental in retaining customers and essential business. Insurance Claims Processing 2008 will look at how your organisation can gain a competitive edge through improved processes. You will discover how differentiating your service through the utilisation of technology will deliver improved customer service agreements, minimise risk and effectively manage workflow.

Join us to benefit from a range of innovative technological and strategic views on technology adoption. You can evaluate different processing approaches driving the evolution of back-end systems and claims handling. Attend Insurance Claims Processing 2008 to evaluate your next step and discuss cost-saving techniques with best practice implementers and innovators from across the insurance sector!

Brochure download ......Download click here


DISCOVER best practice techniques for greater operational efficiency, accuracy and speed

LEARN HOW to leverage technology to reduce cost and translate IT investment into business benefit

GAIN INSIGHT into innovative and flexible solutions to attain consistency in your approach and delivery

OBTAIN the key maximisers of customer service delivery

BENEFIT FROM discussing how others are profiling claims, improving their decision-making capability and driving industry standards

One of the key presentations is from Paul Ormonde-James, who is one of Australia’s top Business Intelligence specialists in designing, implementing & delivering turn key solutions to major companies across Australia. We are very pleased to have secured his services at this event




Paul Ormonde-James presents

“From Data to Decision, the Source to Solution Continuum”

Exploring the role and applicability of predictive analytics for claims processing

Mitigating risk through a complete view of the customer

Utilising business intelligence to understand claims processing and link to strategic intent

Measuring success - performance measurement & management with dashboards

Paul Ormonde-James, one of Australia’s top specialists in Intelligence and Australian Chapter President: The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) & Intelligence Institute

Head of Group Intelligence MBF Australia

Don’t miss Paul Ormonde-James at the Insurance Claims Processing conference 2008 at the Bayview Boulevard Hotel, Sydney, Australia. This is a great opportunity to hear this experienced specialist present and to ask questions from his detailed industry knowledge.


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