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The Sydney Banking Conference 'The future of Banking' 2006

5th - 6th December 2006
Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney Australia

December 05, 2006

08:30 AM

Registration and welcome tea and coffee

08:55 AM

Welcome Address conference Chairman

09:00 AM

Session One – Opening Keynote Address
Highlighting the importance of leadership and innovation
•  Including your operational and investment community into strategy development
•  Controlling long-term costs – investing in innovation
•  IT best practice – setting the benchmark
Peter Dalton Chief Information Officer
ANZ Bank

09:35 AM

Session Two – Sponsor Plenary Session

IBM 2006 Global CEO Study - The Implications for the CIO
IBM's Global CEO Study 2006 was conducted to understand how CEO's view innovation, to capture current insights and to learn what is on their innovation agendas.  It tapped a broad cross-section of CEO's to understand how companies are enabling innovation and where they are focusing their innovative energies.  The study results have important messages for all business leaders but should be of particular interest to CIOs who have long been counted on to support and enable corporate innovation efforts. Based on the CEO's responses, three key considerations emerged for CIO's:

• Deep business model innovation is critical
• External collaboration is indispensable
• Innovation can be ignited by business and technology integration

Considerations like these have serious implications for CIO's, predominantly because they portray the IT organisation as a hindrance rather than an enabler of innovation. But they also point to a tremendous leadership opportunity for CIOs, who can provide strong vision and direction, while helping to spearhead enterprisewide innovation efforts.  There is little doubt that CIOs will be called upon to help drive innovation, but the greatest gains will be made by those who proactively construct the right mindset and infrastructure to enable it.

This presentation explores the key challenges and opportunities CIOs are facing as, CEO's look to expand their company's innovation horizon.

Matt English-Partner   and  Mike Gordon-Strategy Consultant
IBM Global Business Services

10:05 AM

Session Three – Panel Discussion
'What are the main challenges facing you as a CIO in the financial services industry?'

  • Business and IT alignment 
  • Risk management 
  • The increasing cost of compliance
  • Security management
  • Staff retention and talent management
  • Flexible and fast delivery of business solutions

Stuart Kennedy
The Australian IT

Anne Myers
Executive Director – Information Technology
ING Direct
Paul Richards Chief Information Officer
GE Money

Peter Dalton
Chief Information Officer
ANZ Bank

Yogesh Anand
Chief Information Officer
Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Graham Fletcher Financial Services Director Australia/New Zealand

10:45 AM

Morning Tea and networking break

11:15 AM

Session Four – Platinum Sponsor
Transforming the way banks manage information technology
•    Characteristics of high performing banks
•    Major technology challenges
•    Focusing technology on processes, services and outcomes
•    Successful high performing banks – delivering a competitive advantage
Malcolm Lister Director Financial Services

11:45 AM

Session Five – Case Study
 “Importance of Enterprise and Customer Information Management  in creating growth opportunities for a Company”.

Most companies talk about understanding and meeting customer needs as a strong  requirement for organic growth. Unfortunately, the required capabilities have not been fully realized by most companies because of the hype  around (plus misuse, abuse and misunderstanding of) capabilities  like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Business Intellligence (BI). However, the importance of genuinely leveraging enterprise and customer information to generate organic growth  and create innovation still stands, and enterprise technology is a critical player in this.

In this talk, Charles Lawoko will discuss  the strategic importance of enterprise and customer information
and associated technology solutions, enablers and executional processes), and provide examples of leading practices, especially in the Financial Services Industry. He will also discuss how deep understanding and proper use of customer interactivity information leads to better customer service and experiences (hence developing ‘stickiness’). However, inspite of abundant examples of leading practices and good business outcomes, most Financial Services Companies still struggle to execute these capabilities well and/or realize returns on their investments.  Why is this? The common challengesfor these companies and examples of common mistakes will be discussed, and some recommended courses of action will be given.

Charles Lawoko Principal Director  (Formerly Head of Cross-Marketing and CRM, National Australia Bank)
Insight2Action Group

12:15 PM

Session Six – Technology Session

Testing as a shared service: Creating Excellence in Testing
• Testing - how much is enough?
• Challenges of a distributed test set-up
• Setting up a centralized testing organisation
• Case Study – Global Financial Services Organisation
Arun Singh, General Manager – Wipro BFSI Testing Services

12:40 PM

Session Seven – Case Study
Understanding the benefits of consumer focused e-banking
The ING Direct success story – worldwide e-banking
The challenges of the internet as the primary delivery channel
The role of information technology in consumer focused e-banking?
Anne Myers Executive Director – Information Technology
ING Direct

01:10 PM

Lunch and networking break

02:10 PM

Session Eight – Security and Fraud Panel Discussion

  • Transforming your identity and access management strategy   
  • Protecting consumer security and building confidence online 
  • Defining the role of security management in regulatory compliance 
  • Building stakeholder trust and communicating security focused change management programs
  • Engaging your customer to prevent phishing, spyware and trojans

Malcolm Lister
Director Financial Services

Marcus Judge
GM eCommerce
Commonwealth Bank

David Harley Senior Manager Fraud Prevention & Control
Bendigo Bank

Liam Griffith IT Security Manager

Vivek Bhatia Head of IT Strategy, Governance & Program Delivery
QBE Insurance

02:50 PM

Session Nine - Sponsor Session
The Dynamic Contact Centre of the Future
In this session, James will discuss the increasing strategic importance of contact centres and how world-leading customer service organisations are driving innovation. James will also explore the consumer impact of new communication channels like SMS, instant messaging and the Web, while looking at the latest in agent and performance management to increase business results.
James Brooks Senior Vice President, APAC
Genesys Laboratories Australasia

03:20 PM

Session Ten – Keynote Presentation
Technology transformation customer service in the retail branch

•  How can a financial institution use technology to better leverage its skilled personnel?
•  Providing open access to your most important asset - people
•  Providing customers visual access to skilled resources wherever they are across your delivery network
•  Discovering how New England Credit Union has leveraged visual communication to more closely associate
   with customers who are demanding real time interactions and support.

Kevin Dupe Chief Executive Officer
New England Credit Union


03:45 PM

Afternoon tea & networking

04:05 PM

Session Eleven – Case Study
Investing in IT and getting it right!
•    making investment decisions
•    investing in IT internationally
•    supporting innovation
•    managing risk
Robin Mills Division Director
Macquarie Bank

04:35 PM

Session Twelve – International Keynote Case Study
Implementing an Electronic Records and Document Management solution
•    Linking a Electronic Records and Document Management solution to your Knowledge Management strategy
•    The implementation journey
•    Reviewing lessons learned
Yogesh Anand Chief Information Officer
Reserve Bank of New Zealand

05:05 PM

Session Thirteen – Panel Discussion Session
Leveraging Operational Risk Management to Create a Meaningful Difference in Your Business
How can operational risk managers develop a well-grounded view of risk in the business, and focus senior management on the right issues? How can you leverage operational risk management in the business to significantly improve the effectiveness of corporate reporting?
•    The challenges of operational risk measuring and reporting
•    What senior stakeholders want from ORM
•    Harnessing internal experts to improve measurement of risk in the business
•    Communicating the operational risk profile-a one page dashboard that works

John Fick
Managing Director
Capital Technic Group
CRC for Risk Management Solutions for Financial Institutions (RIMSOL)

Denis Taylor
GM Group Operational & Strategic Business
Commonwealth Bank

Paul Barton
Senior Manager Operational Risk
BT Financial Group

Professor Rae Weston
Professor of Management
Macquarie Graduate School of Management and Research Director CRC RIMSOL

Martin Laing Global Head Technology Infastructure, Australia

05:40 PM

Xmas cocktail party - sponsored by Thunderhead

December 06, 2006

08:00 AM

Registration and welcome coffee

08:55 AM

Welcome Address conference Chairman

09:00 AM

Session One – Keynote Presentation
Developing vulnerability assessment services in a complex environment
•    Why model vulnerability assessment as a service?
•    What is involved in development and delivery?
•    Who are the stakeholders?
•    What are the critical issues?
Rob McMillan Executive Manager IT Security Technology Planning
Commonwealth Bank

09:30 AM

Session Two – Sponsor Session
How you can add millions to your top line revenue
In this session Carl will discuss how deploying Real Time Linux in your data centre can:

• Eliminate latency spikes in your critical applications
• Improve the speed of your market data delivery and program trading applications, often by a factor
  of 2 or  more
• Significantly reduce your infrastructure costs from the data centre to the trading floor
• Provide guaranteed performance service level agreements for all types of transaction processing

Carl Drisko Linux and Open Source Principal

09:55 AM

Session Three – Keynote Presentation
GE Money - corporate integration project management
•    Integrating third party data and IT applications
•    Learning how to manage data quality and enforce data standards across a secure environment
•    Developing a dynamic data management strategy
•    Looking at the human capital and cultural position of the integration equation
Paul Richards Chief Information Officer
GE Money

10:25 AM

Morning tea and networking break

10:50 AM

Session Four – Sponsor Session

Business Rules Management in Financial Services: Implementing Transparent Decision Services

• Faster implementation and consistent execution of operational policies
• Collaboration between IT and business for policy management: the Controlled Agility paradigm
• Reuse of decision services as a key element of Service Oriented Architecture value proposition
• Business process, business rules and business intelligence, the corner stones of the banking IT infrastructure
• Case studies   
Stephane Marouani
Operations Manager
ILOG Australia

11:15 AM

Session Five – Keynote presentation
Best practice Board and Senior Management reporting
•    Towards your Day One Report on a page
•    Developing your organisation’s “Measures that Matter!”
•    Harnessing the right tools for achieving reporting best practice
John Petty National VP
CPA Australia
“John also represents Australia on the International Federation of Professional Accountants in Business Committee”

11:45 AM

Session Six – Case Study

  1. When every shot counts! Data quality: A “How-to” Guide for Competitive Advantage
  2. Do Managers really understand data quality?
  3. Why do we need data quality
  4. From the Data Dark Ages to an Enlightened Organisation
  5. The Business IT interface
  6. Data warehousing for business intelligence
  7. Data governance – yes, but how?
  8. The journey of Quality Enlightenment

Paul Ormonde-James Group Business Intelligence Director


12:15 PM

Lunch and networking break

01:15 PM

Session Seven – Panel Discussion
Gathering and harnessing integrated, intimate and insightful customer information – towards customer intimacy
•    Towards a single view of the customer – connecting and integrating business intelligence, BPM, CRM and analytics
•    Increasing staff ‘client knowledge’ to promote product penetration and cross selling
•    Building a culture of acceptance – creating a service-led sales model
•    How do customers respond to your organisation’s marketing campaigns?
•    Learning how to improve lead times
Michael Lak
Project Leader CRM

Dr Charles Lawoko
Principal Director
Insight2Action Group

Robert Hemphill
Head of Customer Strategy and Insight

Michael Hendricks Director of Decision Management

Joseph Najem Business development partners, practise lead
Growth Strategy


02:00 PM

Session eight – Panel Discussion
Assessing the future of e-mortgage technology and standards
•    The future of mortgage paperless transactions
•    Defining the Lending Industry XML Initiative (LIXI)
•    Shortening the lending cycle through the electronic processing of loans
•    Reducing processing costs        
Socrates Vasiliadis
Chief Executive Officer
The Lending Industry Initiative (LIXI)

Panel members:
Mike Thanos
Lending Technology Services

Joe Sirianni
Executive Director

Joanne Mather
  project director lending products
Mortgage Choice

02:40 PM

Closing remarks from the Chairman and End of Conference

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