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NSW The Human Face of Data Analytics –What you need to know for business survival and success

Data is the most underutilised resource in business today. The extraction of value from data, leads to better

strategic decisions, more efficient operations and timely detection of new opportunities and threats. Analytics

is the process of extracting value from data. It is the most exciting development in business today.

A focus on the human face and infrastructure of analytics is crucial for the survival, success and

growth of an analytics function, and the enormous value that it can and must deliver to business. Such

focus results in faster, cheaper, simpler and more understandable analytics results, more responsive

analytics functions and a successful transformation of the way business is traditionally done.This entails

challenging the conventional IT driven, tool-focused, high-IT spend view of analytics, and some new

approaches to managing and defining the analytics function.Data analytics initiatives have been treated

as IT projects and the focus is usually placed on what one might call the electronic infrastructure enabling

them: mainly hardware platforms, software tools, processes and methodologies. These elements are

indeed essential, but far from sufficient, and arguably of less importance than the human face and

infrastructure of the initiative.

Analytics is perhaps unique in its key reliance on appropriate human resources, knowledge, incentives,

management structures, empowerment and necessary relationships with senior executives and adjacent

business functions, specifically the suppliers of data and consumers of analytics products and insights.

Hear from our speakers, in practical terms, how your business can benefit.Can you afford to miss this?

Keynote speakers are:

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky FIAPA — Director, Presciient Pty. Ltd.

Presciient is a consultancy specialising in analytics, business intelligence, forecasting and performance

improvement, servicing a range of industries and government, in Australia and overseas. Prior to

Presciient, Eugene was Director of Predictive Business Intelligence (PBI) at Ernst & Young, having

established the PBI unit in the company.

Eugene is also a founder of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia, of whichhe was the first

head of the NSW chapter, holds the title of Fellow and convenes the IAPA Forecasting Special Interest

Group. As an industry leader, Eugene is frequently invited as a keynote speaker at industry conferences

and lectures. He has appeared on television, on ABC’s Lateline Business where he discussed the

business benefits of analytics.

Paul Ormonde-James

Paul has a long career in management and advising executive management teams , he specialises in

the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Customer relationship management and the web.

Recently returned to Australia from Washington DC, working as the Global head of Intelligence, World

Bank, covering 182 countries, he is now advising Echo Entertainment Group, the demerger of TabCorp

Casinos from the Tabcorp Group, on global expansion through people and analysis.

A Global speaker on applied Business Intelligence for last 10 years, he has been the Australasian

President of The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) for 10 years until he left to live in the USA and on the

Board of the Society for Competitive Intelligence for over 10 years. His qualifications include a Degree

with Honours in Cybernetic Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Robotics); a Computer Sciences (Hons)

Degree; an MBA specialising in Finance and Strategic Management, a Postgraduate Diploma Law, and

has completed one year of PhD in Management, Maryland University, in strategic anticipation industries

across Asia and Australia.

Dr Eugene Dubossarsky is also a MASCOS Visiting Industry Fellow, UNSW

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